Backdating tax

To apply for CTR you would need to contact your local council benefits department.Your local council will calculate how much CTR you are entitled to, based on your income and savings.back to top Many local councils in England do not offer the second adult rebate to working age people as part of their CTR schemes.

CTR and the benefit cap CTR is not counted as part of the benefit cap.Council tax is a local form of taxation on domestic property and is collected by local councils (often referred to as local authorities).The person (or people) who own or rent the home is/are legally responsible for paying the council tax bill.Note: Second adult rebate (or alternative maximum CTR) is a different way of getting help towards your council tax bill.If there is another adult living in your home who is not your partner, does not pay you rent and is on a low income you can get a reduction of up to 25% off your bill.

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