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Robert Chua, the Policy, the Rules, and the Supplemental Rules. is a global Internet communications, media, and commerce company that delivers a branded network of comprehensive searching, directory, information, communication, shopping services and other online activities and features to millions of Internet users daily. In June 2004, more than 146 million active registered members logged onto their personalized YAHOO! s registered member services, including auctions, classifieds, e-mail, chat rooms, and more.

The case before the Panel was conducted in the English language. Overture Services, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yahoo! mark has become one of the most recognized brands in the world, with a value of nearly US .9 billion according to Interbrand (copy of the 2003 Global Brands Scoreboard provided as Exhibit 5 of the complaint.).

Registrant (187640), a/k/a Gary Lam, a/k/a Birgit Klosterman, a/k/a XC2, a/k/a Robert Chua, a/k/a Registrant Case No. The Respondent did not submit any response, apart from an e-mail message from Mr. The Panel Order requested the Complainant to provide the Panel with a signed letter of support from an authorized representative of the third party trademark holder, indicating support for the Complaint and consent to the Panel issuing an order transferring the disputed domain name to the Complainant as an alternative, the Panel Order mentioned the possibility of the third-party trademark holder to join the Complaint.

As further explained under Discussion and Findings, all of Registrant (187640), Gary Lam, Birgit Klosterman, XC2, Robert Chua and Registrant will be referred to, individually and collectively, as ? The Center verified that the Second Amended Complaint satisfied the formal requirements of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the ? ), the Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the ? ), and the WIPO Supplemental Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the ? In accordance with the Rules, paragraph 5(a), the due date for Response was November 29, 2004. 1, referring to the fact that the disputed Domain Name is a combination of two separate trademarks, owned by separate entities, and that a transfer of this domain name may interfere with the rights of the third party trademark holder (the holder of the HOTMAIL mark).

Y f f In' the embodiment Vof the invention shown in the drawings, 1() indicates the printing cylinder of an offset printing machine having ther usual `rubber ,blanket/' 1.1.k y Associatedwith4 this cylindeifl O is a plate cylinder` 12 provided with the usual plat-e 18" for impressing a design-iii one or more colors upon` theblanket'll.

The Complainant was given until December 28, 2004, to send the said letter to the Center, and the due date for the decision was extended to December 30, 2004. s response to the Panel Order was timely received by the Center on December 28, 2004. MARQUARDT DATING ATTACHMENT FOR ROTARY PRINTING MACHINES Filed July l2, 1928 f FRANKo; MAR' QUARDT,or IBRoo KLYm NEW YORK, nssiefno'n AMERIANUBANK# i A .' NOT COMFANY, 0F NEW YORK, N1. , n co Rro Rn'rro' N or NEW YORK: l V y DAT-Ine [email protected] non ynor An Y risiiirnve.rizioirilxns 1 g Applicaties fneiai"zfuf1yf lenses.v` serial no.y 292,255.upon that petri-l ticuletr sheet, A sothat succeeding y impressions ymay be Lmade-in' 'the' semeprogression as the -precedingimpressions 'and' thus ensurefsub 'stantal 1 uniformity inthe conditioning of allisheetsvhile in process It is teesible to utilize thismechenismes emeans o'fidenv tifying thepress upon A which the preceding f f impression ' Was mede, inedditionto the time of the marking ofl this impression,1 `either tlie'color of the date' imprint or by some individuel'marking.v f f The datingettaohmentabove referred tocomprises ai V mechanism associtedf with, they 1 dersend includingr therein e Wheelor Wheels 'i adapted to each' receiveafdeter head for v11n-f V the pleno'griphic ofsetfcylinder, vand -is so; inking` mechanism of one 'of the plutewcy'lin# pressing upon the voffset"blanket of the transfer cylinder matte'rindiceting thedete on y i whichy the mechine'mede certain impressions` This-mechanism s so constructed'thet'it'may beset with considerable mcety in relation to incorporated lin the printing" machine `that y it may be. more ' Wheels, each carrying.a'deter`head may. bev ncorporetedv the'k attachment, i and each s vlimitedvrv aree'.nthe accom aan ino' drawings thesdater attachment is located adiacent and below-the l l J n feedfshelf ofthe machine, (not.shown) which location is a matter of convenience since it 1 permits accessibility7 to the mechanism for the purpose of setting theadjustable vrtype members and cleaning same, aswell as the adjustment ofthe attachment for vtheproper locating of theiiinprint taere'from, in'relation tothe imprint or transferreddesign fromthe cylinder j This attachment comprises a shaft 19 mounted at'each end in a bearing link 2.0 pivoted uponthe main frame `of the machine below the feed shelf.

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