Aunty online sex

I went down on her and slowly started licking her vaginal mound.She started enjoying by giving soft moans and asked me to go further down.Suddenly with a jerk I ejected my cream in my aunts hand.She seemed not to worry about this and continued to squeeze my cock.I was waiting for this call and immediately went to the bed room and laid on the bed.

She was happy getting the right signal from my side and suddenly turned towards me and kissed me by inserting her tongue in to my mouth.I gently pulled my cock, wiped with my lungi and turned to other side and pretend to sleep. But I was excited and thinking about my aunt and dreaming as having sex with her in full swing. I really enjoyed as my aunt was squeezing my cock and slowly put my hand around her belly and hugged her lightly. During the day time my aunt was moving normal as if nothing happened yesterday night, but I took every chance to view her flat belly and her full bloomed balls whenever she bent down to take something.By the evening all the visitors went back and I was left alone with my aunt. My aunty interrupted and asked me to stay for one more day. She prepared some good food and we both enjoyed the food.After a while, she said ‘ Dear I was waiting for this opportunity for a long time, hope you too enjoy this”.I didn’t reply but proceeded further and stared removing her saree. My aunt was having a amazing figure, with perfectly sized firm boobs, flat stomach, slim waist and wide hips, with firm thighs and long legs and arms.

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