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At its worst, it amounts to an invasion of the celebritys privacy; after all, famous people are still human beings entitled to pursue romantic relationships in their personal lives. Very often, such characters will be a musicians girlfriend whose antics or presence cause the band to break up; shes often a direct send-up of Trope Namer Yoko Ono.

A common twist is for her to be perfectly nice and sweet, but for the rest of the band to be so paranoid about this happening (or at least jealous of the attention shes getting from their bandmate) that the band breaks up anyway.

Ben is an undercover Scientologist while Laura is OUT.Related tropes include Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend (if the other bandmates think she gets special treatment); Contractual Purity (where the fans demand that the celebrity not date Yuri: Hey Athena... I mean, you can't hang out with friends in public or date and stuff, right...?Athena: Yeah, there are some restrictions in my personal life...It was a quick in and out- Halle did what she had to, and has already flown back home.Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA It took us awhile to figure out WHO this this familiar woman in this photo IS!

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