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And they showed that the partner of whichever person falls asleep first tends to report wanting more post-sex affection.

Other gender differences are also now documented: While men often initiate kissing before sex, women often initiate kissing post-sex (Hughes & Kruger, 2011).

Intimacy is a natural and integral part of a loving relationship, and helps you to reinforce your physical and emotional bond with your partner.

This tells us that post-sex behaviors are connected to our biochemistry: Hormones might motivate a need for pair-bonding activity for some people, and less so for others. Denes’s research recognized an important role of orgasm: People with high testosterone who do not orgasm during sexual activity might be those who are least likely to enjoy post-sex communication. People with higher testosterone levels, a likely to perceive the benefits of post-sex communication. Physiology and pillow talk: Relations between testosterone and communication post sex. They actually saw it as more risky, and they tended to engage in less positive disclosures, and with less intentionality, directly after sex (Denes et al., 2016). Their work debunked the myth that men fall asleep first—there’s no evidence of a gender difference.Their evidence also suggested that both men and women can be the ones who want more bonding post-sex, which is contrary to what most people assume.

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