An intimidating person consolidating companies with different year ends

You can’t get good with a bow anywhere near as fast as you can with a rifle or even a pistol.

This is a weapon which requires much more skill to use effectively; but with that skill, it can be quite effective.

On the other hand, the human body has almost no natural armor from stabs from down low.

You can much more easily stab an enemy in the gut, causing serious damage, by stabbing from below.

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There are choices to be made, but don’t rely on Hollywood movies when estimating what using them means.True knife fighters always hold the knife low, with the point of the knife upwards.Stabbing someone from above is another Hollywood invention.Having said that, I still recommend having a knife.When everything else stops working, that knife might just take out your last adversary.

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    The following table gives the cutting speeds for a selection of common materials under one set of conditions.