All online dating sites 4 singles

Unfortunately, on ALL of the bottom-10 sites, we received tons of responses from bots.The methodical process we used to meet women was the same on each dating site.Match has a humongous fan base comprising of 1.7 million users across 24 different countries in the world.It is an established matchmaking service with 13.5 million visits a month.Match hosts websites in 15 different languages and also caters to heterosexuals and gay.The Blinddate Hour let you chat anonymously at 9 PM EST, everyday.It is clear that the people operating these dating sites care about their customers.

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Overall, the main focus was on setting up dates because, well…that’s why you sign-up for an online dating site.

We did not have inferior results on the bottom-10 sites because we didn’t put forth the same amount of effort or use the same strategies.

We had inferior results because the sites are…inferior.

Online dating has become so popular that it is termed to be the second most common way to find true love or soul mate.

But, in the quest of finding love online, people must be cautious when choosing the type of dating website. Some websites cater to the needs of all singles while some are specific to a particular community, race or age group. Pioneering in the online dating industry for over two decades, Match has helped millions of singles to connect virtually and establish romantic bonds.

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