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But some treatments require longer times and can last up to twenty minutes. The cups are better suited for use on the softer tissue so that a secure and tight seal is allowed against the skin.

The skin may also be lubricated so that the cups can be moved around from one area to a larger area.

The application of cupping throughout the years has evolved from the use of animal horns to bamboo cups, and then to the glass cups, we see used today.

The Chinese have been reported to use cupping during surgical procedures as a way to help divert the blood flow from the surgical site.

These methods include dry cupping, wet cupping, and massage cupping.

During a dry cupping session, the glass cup or vessel is set on fire using a flammable substance such as alcohol or herbs.

Wet cupping produces a milder suction or vacuum and can also be kept in place for up to three minutes like dry cupping therapy.

However, during a wet cupping therapy session, the cupping therapist will make small cuts on the patient’s skin, typically by using a sterilized scalpel and then perform a second cupping session to draw out some of the blood.

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