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A large three storey office block was built near to the site entrance which featured a four faced clock on the top of it.

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I will then add it in the sidebar under “Blog Buzz”. The bids were opened on the 29th April 1920 with a sale being agreed to Crosse & Blackwell.Crosse & Blackwell finalised the purchase from the Disposals Board of HM Government in April 1921 after a dispute about the removal of machinery pledging to turn the Factory into the largest & best equipped food preserving plant in the British Empire.Mrs Caroline Graham & her two daughters, Miss Evelyn & Miss Ermentrude are attributed with producing the Branston Pickle recipe at Branston Lodge and production of it started at the Factory in 1922.Most of the fruit & vegetable ingredients were sourced from Covent Garden in London and over half the production returned to London, much being for export.

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