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HIV is a very controllable disease as long as it is detected early and has not yet done major damage to your organs most specially the Liver, Kidneys and the Brain.

There are many ways of getting tested for HIV in the Philippines.

We will discuss each of them, one by one including their advantages and disadvantages.

Testing by going to hospitals is one of the most common means of getting tested.

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Though privacy is protected by our health care professionals, there are many incidents of information leakage caused by poor protocol with regards to transfer of information such as students getting free access to medical records without permission or a slip of tongue during a conversation of one of the member of the health care team handling the HIV case.Lukes Medical Center both in Quezon City and Global, Makati Medical Center and Medical City in Ortigas.Do take note that the cost for HIV testing is around 1,100 to 3,800 in the private hospitals I mentioned. If he’s getting bored of you, you can bet a breakup is right around the corner.So be honest, do you think he’s getting bored of you?

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