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However, she needed to take out another credit card to help make payments as well as a method of re-establishing a credit history.

The thing about bad credit is that in many cases, banks and credit card companies will deny you a credit card because they view your application as too risky.

Again, after proving that you can maintain payments over time, then eventually you can apply for a card with a higher limit.

The Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), offering some credit cards that are also designed with first time consumers in mind. While not all of these may be suitable for individuals who have bad credit, there are cards that will be better options for first time credit card users.

All of these cards typically also carry higher interest fees and lower credit limits.

Typically financial institutions will have credit card offers that are geared towards students or first time credit users.First Credit Cards These cards are those that are targeted towards individuals who are starting to build credit.For first time credit card users, it is likely that they won’t already have credit history – and if they do they have very little.This is also typically not enough of a financial foundation to apply for other types of cards.These limits are also commonly a lot lower, which makes sense for borrowers who are just starting out.

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